YAMADUR Hardener R-22



Formulated polyisocyanate
As hardener with Polyurethane based / Synthetic Rubber based adhesive. Can also be used as Bonding Agent for rubber-metal bonding.
NCO Content
8.5 – 10.5%.
7 - 10 cps at 30ºC.

Method of Application

1.The adhesive either of natural, synthetic rubber or polyurethane base is to be mixed with the hardener Yamadur R 22. The percentage of cross linking agent to adhesive can vary from 3 to 7% depending on the end use. The mixed adhesive is to be brushed on the roughened surfaces to be bonded. The pot life of the adhesive mix is limited and depends on the type of the adhesive use.

2.For bonding metal with compounded rubber, the metal surface is to be sand blasted or acid etched followed by degreasing with trichloroethylene. Thin and uniform layer of Yamadur H-20 is to be brushed on the clear and dry metal surface. Allow to dry for 20-30 minutes. Lay the compounded unvulcanized rubber on the coated metal and vulcanize the rubber in mould under heat and pressure as required.


Highly inflammable. Replace cap immediately after partial use as it is much moisture sensitive. Store in a cool and dry place.

Pack Sizes

500, 250, 100 ml.

  • Sole Fixing

  • Sole Attachment

  • Sole Bonding

  • Sole Joining