Epoxy Putty


Resin : Epoxy
Hardener : Polyamide
It can be used for plugging leakages, filling dents / blow holes, and many more repair application.
Physical Nature
It is a dough type two pack putty. One is resin part and another is hardener part. Resin part is off-white and hardener part is black in colour.

Method of Application

Make sure that the surfaces to be bonded are clean, dry and free from grease/oil. Cut equal volume from each component, as per the requirement. Mix both the components thoroughly and apply immediately. Once mixed, it sets within 60 minutes (at 27°C). However, final strength is to be achieved after 24 hrs.


Not to be applied on areas in direct contact with flame & high temperature. Wash hands after use. Use within 12 months from the month of manufacture.

Pack Sizes

30 gm and 100 gm in mono carton.


  • Plugging Leakage

  • Water Leakge Prevention


  • Lekage Repairing